Pigeon by Stovekraft Rapido Cute Induction Cooktop

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Push button
Elegant and smart design
7 Indian preset menu


Product Description

Completely Safe for Use: If you want to get rid of the heat and flames of conventional cooktops that can pose a threat while cooking, then switch to Pigeon Rapido Cute induction cooktop. Featuring seven Indian preset menus, it has smart design and makes cooking time an enjoyable experience for you. This space savvy model is ideal for Indian kitchens and is based on electromagnetic induction. You can be assured of safe, quick and comfortable cooking with this Pigeon Cute induction cooktop. It features dual heat sensor technology, soft touch push buttons and automatic shut off feature. Cutting Edge LED Display. The Rapido induction cooktop is extremely durable and specially designed to withstand the weights of heavy utensils on its induction surface. It also features a LED display for easy selection of menus for hassle-free cooking. This cooktop works on a supply of 230V 50Hz AC. The panel of this cooktop sports feather touch buttons that can be used to choose your favourite menu or to adjust the cooking time. The unique automatic shut off feature allows you to cook your food unattended by setting a time for cooking your food. After the set time is over, the automatic shut off feature switches off the Pigeon induction cooktop. Brand: Pigeon. Operates on electromagnetic induction principle. Operating power: 50Hz AC supply. Voltage: 230V. Features seven Indian preset menus, soft touch push buttons and automatic shut off. Comes with dual heat sensor technology. Error Codes: E0- There is no pot/pan or unsuitable pot. E1-Low Cut Off (90±10). E2-High Cut Off (280±10). E3-Center Thermistor Open and Short CKT. E4-IGBT Thermistor Open and Short CKT. E5-No error shown on Display but start’s switching when overheated. E6-Fan Open, Short Ckt & IGBT Over Heat.Timer 3/Hour.

From the Manufacturer

The Pigeon Rapido Cute Induction Cooktop was designed keeping in mind the needs of the Indian kitchen.This induction cooktop from Pigeon has a compact design that will occupy only a little space in your kitchen. The appliance operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction, so you don’t have to worry about any dangerous high flames that could pose a problem when cooking on a gas stove. The Pigeon Rapido Cute is fitted with dual heat sensors to allow safer, better, and faster cooking. It is designed to withstand heavy loads, so you don’t have to worry about placing heavy utensils on the cooktop. It comes with an LED panel from which you can select 7 preset Indian menus for efficient cooking. The soft touch push buttons on the panel, allow you to navigate and select your preferred menu, and set the cooking time. To keep you safe from all potential problems, the Rapido Cute has an automatic shut-off feature that switches the appliance off as soon as the set time is over. This ensures that the food cooks on its own, and can be left unattended for a while as you finish other tasks. Product Features: Operates on a 230V 50Hz AC supply. Has an automatic shut-off feature so that you can leave the appliance unattended. Is designed with 7 preset Indian cooking menus. Comes with a 1 year warranty, and has a power consumption of 1800 watts.

Push button
Elegant and smart design
7 Indian preset menu
Power: 1800 Watts
Dual heat sensor
Automatic shut off

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